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Andy and Nicole Rosser

Andy_Nicole_RosserAndy and Nicole Rosser were the first eager couple to arrive at Alamanda an enthusiastic 48 hours preceding the 9am Australia Day release.

Mrs Rosser said the couple were prepared to arrive on Wednesday night if that is what it took to ensure they purchased their block of choice.

"Knowing that Alamanda has had many campouts in the past we were set to get there a couple of days before the release. With our eye on the largest block in the Jacaranda precinct, it was important that we get pole position.

"My husband and I have looked at other estates in the area, but Alamanda has exceeded our expectations in terms of the type of community we would like to raise our family in.

"Although we were after a block large enough to have a good sized back yard, Alamanda has plenty of safe and different playgrounds and sporting fields for our children to enjoy.

"We currently live in an existing estate quite close by, but to us Alamanda has a much more family orientated environment.

"I am a stay at home mum, so having an attractive home surrounding is personally important to me.  With all the walking tracks, leisure centre and open areas in Alamanda, I can see that this will be truly enjoyable location for our family to live," Mrs Rosser said.

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