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Jonathan and Georgia Nabie

After a long search for an affordable property in the Point Cook area, Jonathan and Georgia Nabie have purchased a home site at Alamanda utilising the Key Worker Grant.

Both working in the medical service industry, Jonathon a nurse and Georgia a midwife, the Nabie family relocated to Melbourne from the UK in 2008 and are excited to now make the move into home ownership.

“ The Key Worker Grant really helped us out and allowed us to get our foot on the step ladder of the property market and now build our own home.

“ We have been renting in the area since we moved to Melbourne two years ago, and have kept a close eye on the property market – both established house and land prices have just been going up and up.

“ We had recently recognised that in order to stay in the area we would need to go on renting, so once we heard about the opportunity to save $25,000 on land and build a new home we jumped at the chance to purchase.

“ We work in the local area, our three boys go to school in Point Cook and it is a really great community, we are delighted to now be building at Alamanda.” Jonathan said.

Jonathan and Georgia are looking forward to building a new home for their family including their three children Sam, Oliver and Cristian.

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